Services Offered

If you are experiencing a pest problem and need to contact a pest control and management company, you want to know that you will receive the professional service the job requires. You expect the issue to be taken care of quickly and efficiently by a knowledgeable, experienced pest control technician. Prompt attention and customer service are important. When seeking the services of a highly qualified pest management company, ARAB Termite & Pest Control is here for you.

ARAB offers termite inspections by our experts, trained to find signs of termites or termite damage.  We provide wood destroying insect (WDI) reports that are needed for property sales or refinancing, or we can inspect your home or business just for your peace of mind, leaving you feeling confident that your investment is protected.

If termites are found in your home or business you can be certain that ARAB will get the job done right.  We offer liquid treatments using Termidor® which is the industries most trusted termiticide.  We are also a licensed Sentricon® termite bait station dealer.  So weather it’s a full liquid termite treatment or bait stations you prefer we will utilize the best products the market has to offer.

ARAB offers year round protection for your home or business against roaches, ants, house spiders, mice, rats, crickets, and other occasional invaders.  We provide a seasonal service that focuses on the specific pest affecting our area at different times of the year.  You will receive quarterly treatments and are always covered for any general pest between services.


If you are not in the market for an ongoing service we can still take care of your pest control needs.  We offer one time treatments for any general pest.  We will also give you up to 60 days of coverage to make sure the pest is gone.

There a certain pests that require specialized treatments.  Weather its fleas, brown recluse spiders, or bed bugs ARAB will customize a treatment plan to fit your needs.  Our technicians are provided ongoing training to ensure we are on top of the ever changing techniques used to control some of the more difficult pests.

ARAB offers IPM (integrated pest management) programs for schools, daycares, factories, restaurants, and any other customer wanting a more inspection and monitoring based service.  Contact us for more info or to schedule a free consultation on our IPM programs.

We have developed a successful fly control treatment for farms.  This treatment involves treating the breeding sites along with the resting areas.  We use a combination of long lasting residuals, insect growth regulators, and baits.  If your farm is dealing with a fly infestation, call us for a free consultation and see how we can help.

ARAB never locks you into a contract.  We want you to be our customer because you are getting a professional pest control service focused on you specific needs.


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