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Unless you call Alaska home, your house is not safe from termites. Subterranean termites are a huge problem because there are so many of them and they eat continuously. The cost of damage to homeowners is estimated at $5 billion per year — which means termites cause more damage than fires, floods and hurricanes combined.

Take Action.

Eliminate the termite colony and its queen to protect against the threat of attack for good with the Sentricon® System.

Eliminate the colony.

Sentricon is the new standard of success. With proven and conclusive independent research done by 30 universities and independent research contractors, and reported in 70 published scientific articles, along with nearly two decades of real-world success, no other termite product kills the Queen, destroys the colony and protects your home better.

Proven effectiveness.

Sentricon begins protecting your home the moment it is put into place. And, with proper servicing by ARAB Termite & Pest Control, it retains its effectiveness 100 percent of the time. It not only eliminates termites that are present but also eliminates colonies that attempt to attack later. This around-the-clock protection has been proven for nearly two decades in all areas of the United States and against all species of subterranean termites that attack and damage homes.

Put an end to unwanted advances.

A protective ring of Sentricon stations around your home eliminates attacking termites and protects against the threat of future attack. Your Certified Sentricon Specialist from ARAB Termite & Pest Control will expertly install and service your Sentricon system.

Contact ARAB Termite & Pest Control

Expert help. Unmatched results. Expert results are ensured by your Certified Sentricon Specialist from ARAB who has been qualified to use Sentricon to eliminate and prevent termite attack. He or she will install and maintain a ring of Sentricon stations around your home. Your Certified Sentricon Specialist will protect your home from termites. You gain the peace of mind that comes from the No. 1 brand in termite protection.


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