• Remove clutter. This is very important to eliminate harborages and allow for thorough treatment.


  • Remove all bedding, pillows, bed skirts, stuffed animals, etc., from all beds, couches,and other sleeping and sitting areas.  Run through the dryer on high heat for 1 hour.  Place heated items in clean trash bags and tie shut until after treatment.  All items that can't be heated without damage must be dry-cleaned.


  • Remove all items from under and around beds, chairs, couches, and other sitting and sleeping areas to allow access for treatment.


  • Remove all items from tables, night stands, headboards, etc., around all sleeping and sitting areas. Place in plastic totes or trash bags until after service.  Unplug all electronic devices and provide access to outlets, light switches, and phone jacks.


  • We will move furniture as needed during treatment.  You do not need to pull out couches, beds, dressers, or any other furniture.           


  • Dogs, cats, birds, and humans must remain out of home for a minimum of 4 hours after treatment. Fish and reptile tanks must be covered or removed. Air filters and filtration systems for fish should be turned off.


  • Do not move any of your belongings to another home during or before treatment.  You might spread bed bugs and re-infest your home after it is treated.






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